H2O Flow org

H2OFlow is an international aquaristic organization, not just for aquarists.

Our mission is:

  • To show people how to take one step to a happier and more relaxed life.
  • To bring all type of aquarists to one place together.
  • To promote aquaristics and donate aquariums to different social facilities (kindergartens, schools, retirement, care homes, social homes, etc.)

It began with the founder’s ,Gábor Zétényi, idea of showing people who do not have aquariums these beautiful underwater worlds and how relaxable it could be to watch them.
People who would like to relax with our webpage can choose from different high-quality videos and relaxing-types of music, and mix them as they wish.Aquarists could show their works and inspire eachother here.
Those aquarists and musicians who create our content are supported through our organization.
So if viewers are satisfied and want to support us, we distribute their donation among the creators of the content.
With the help of viewers support, we also donate aqauriums to different social facilities.

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