"Jószolgálati otthon" aquarium

Devices: Glomat EheimOASE aqua
"Jószolgálati otthon" aquarium
ZtG uploaded 1 year ago

This is the first donated aquarium in a Dunaújváros "Jószolgálati otthon". Brutto 180 liter (100x40x45 cm) aquarium with 2 internal filter. Corydorases, Serpae and Rosy tetras, Siamese flying foxes, RC shrimps. Iron wood, plants, sand.

Aquarium Details

Size:100x40x45 cm
Filtration:Oase BioPlus 200, Eheim 2413 Biopower 240
Lighting:T8 2x30W
Hardscape:Iron wood
Live stock:Hyphessobrycon eques, Hyphessobrycon rosaceus, Corydoras aeneus, Crossocheilus siamensis, Neocaridina heteropoda var. red
Plants:Cryptocoryne wendtii ’green’, Microsorum pteroptus 'Narrow'

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"Jószolgálati otthon" aquarium
"Jószolgálati otthon" aquarium
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